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You can install the latest official release, or a nightly when available from the installation page and browse the features section of our website for the available documentation.

MultiZilla is currently on hiatus due to the developers being involved with other projects. However, patches are still gratefully accepted.

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About the project

MultiZilla is the result of the creative mind of HJ van Rantwijk. The idea was to develop a killer application; tabbed browsing for Mozilla based browsers. The project was launched in April 2001, after months of hard work and testing. It was an instand hit and received raving reviews.

Mozilla quickly followed suit, later followed by Apple and Microsoft, but that didn't stop us - we are already working on new innovative features to enhance our time on the web even more.


MultiZilla not only introducing tabbed browsing, but also a number of additional features for advanced users. Amongst others, we have:

Quick Preferences Menu- easy access to oft-used preferences from a toolbar of choice. User Agent Manager - spoof the HTTP User Agent and work around broken websites. Permission Manager- block unwanted content and speed up page loads. Tab Session Manager - maintain a clean working environment between different sessions.
Feed Viewer / Reader - read and control your feed subscribtions with ease. Preference Manager - change MultiZilla preferences from within this beautiful pref manager. JS Console - filter unwanted errors or warning to cleanup your JS Console window. Other Features - other cool features can be found in the features section on our website.

The GoogleBox

The GoogleBox was the first XBL toolkit application, available as an extension for MultiZilla, which nicely integrates into the already available MultiZilla toolbar, saving you vertical screen real estate (The Googlebar project has nothing to do with HJ's original work, but they thought about using his XBL, and was shortly later introduced, but gained more momentum afterwards).