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Latest bugs filed for MultiZilla

Bug #Description
24513 A few more php issues
22244 Will Not Install on Seamonkey 2 (Linux)
22045 flash plugins not blocked
21970 Multizilla won't install on seamonkey 2
21525 Can't disable F2 function key...
20839 window.open behavior broken when target=_top
20833 Permission Manager - unresponsive script
20705 tab session manager hot key "Ctrl+Shift+S" doesn't work fort opening
20569 Privacy setting "Clear location bar history on exit" doesn't work
20444 Content blocker doesn't inform user.
20354 Feed Viewer can't be opened
20150 Add option to change tab style (modern theme) to style used in prefs
20044 Multizilla Preference Manager in SM 2.0 is now broken
20029 Tabs always open in existing tabs
20028 Prefs overwridden by SeaMonkey
20002 multizilla no longer installs
20001 Settings not saving
19975 Queries for Permissions switch to the tab that asked permissions.
19922 Hovering mouse over tab X causes 100% CPU usage on Linux
19829 "Mark As Read / Mark As New" UI change to Feed Panel
19682 MultiZilla's JS Console won't show errors after installation or using a new profile
19146 PHP Include errors
18683 Multizilla feed reader periodically freezes Seamonkey 2
18551 Middle click and control-click don't open new tabs, plus other
18134 Can't subscribe to feeds from "The Register"
18111 New release not available via download mirrors
18110 Clicking Feed Viewer button on re-opened tab lists multiple views
18094 Automatic feed refresh not working after opening new windows
18078 Unable to delete feeds from the root category
18062 MultiZilla - Autoscroll is not working
18061 New tab preference ignored by bookmarks button on the Personal Toolbar
18002 Feed Reader info popup opens at wrong location on screen in SeaMonkey v2.0a

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