Contact Information

Interested end-users and developer with question about MultiZilla and/or the Googlebox are encouraged to join our newsgroup or mailing list - we prefer to use the newsgroup. All other, non project related questions (for example about XUL BootCamp) should be e-mailed to the project owner (HJ van Rantwijk) only.


The MultiZilla project has its own newsgroup. You can use the newsgroup for technical questions and all other product related issues (anything else will be ignored).

You will need authentication for public.mozdev.multizilla but the required username and password (required to prevent spam) can be found below:

  • Username: mozdev
  • Password: maduser

Mailing List

The MultiZilla project also has a mailing list. You can use the mailing list for technical questions and other product related issues (anything else will be ignored).

You can send messages to the mailing list, but messages from new/unknown e-mail addresses will first be queued for inspection by one of the moderators.

Frequent posters would be well advised to subscribe to the mailing list. This way, your messages will show up without delay, and it will save the moderators some extra work.


The driving force of the MultiZilla project:

Note: Although we have provided our e-mail addresses here, we request that you only use them as a last resort. Thank you.