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The MultiZilla Team

  • Project Owner
  • Project Lead
  • Webmaster
  • Name: HJ van Rantwijk
  • Place of birth: The Netherlands
  • Country and place of residence: The Netherlands
  • Employment / Profession: Sorry, requires security clearance
  • How I got involved with MultiZilla: I started the project
  • Other Mozilla involvement: XUL Boot Camp Staff Guru
  • Favorite programming language: Whatever available
  • Favorite pastime: Sport, being the chef in my kitchen
  • Favorite food: All kind of spicy foods, hmm... I like it
  • Favorite movie: One with me in the lead role, which of course will never happen
  • How to annoy me: Stop breathing before your time is up
  • How to please me: Be a pro-active member of society and do whatever needed to succeed in life
  • Name: Michael Vincent van Rantwijk
  • Place of birth: The Netherlands
  • Country and place of residence: The Netherlands
  • Employment / Profession: College Student / XUL Boot Camp Staff member
  • How I got involved with MultiZilla: I got infected with my father's genes
  • Other Mozilla involvement: QA and fixing bugs
  • Favourite programming language: Anything I need
  • Favourite pastime: Playing Games, working for my new scooter
  • Favourite food: anything served on a nice plate (LOL)
  • How to annoy me: Cancel my reservation
  • How to please me: Say hello from time to time
  • Name: Rajnish Bhaskar (Raj)
  • Place of birth: Northern Ireland
  • Country and place of residence: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  • Employment / Profession: Technical officer
  • How I got involved with MultiZilla: Um, way back in the mists of time I think that I read about it on the newsgroups and was hooked quite quickly
  • Other Mozilla involvement: I download builds every so often and file the occasional bug.
    My aim in life is to eventually file one that isn't a duplicate/invalid/wontfix/
    I also follow the Calendar project and the Optimoz projects
  • Favourite programming language: Java
  • Favourite pastime: Reading, hanging around with mates in the pub, mucking around with my website (<plug>http://lordofthemoon.com</plug>)
  • Favourite food: <insert dessert of your choice here>
  • Favourite movie: The Blues Brothers and The Princess Bride
  • How to annoy me: Leave your dirty dishes lying all over the flat, grrr
  • How to please me: Lend me an interesting book, have a drink with me, lend me a spacehopper :o)


  • US flag  Leland M. George, USA (Tab Manager and several other bugs)
  • DE flag  Jens Hatlak, Germany (PHP script)
  • US flag  Roger Keays, USA (former webmaster)
  • GB flag  Brian King, Ireland (install.js)
  • CA flag  David Perry, Canada (former developer)
  • US flag  Lewis Rosenthal, USA (bug 14360)
  • US flag  Konstantin Svist, USA (bug 10119)
  • DE flag  Huijing Zhou, Germany (install.js)
  • MY flag  Philip Chee, Malaysia (bug 16330/16468/16798)

  • Note: If you're not on this list, but should be, then please feel free to contact us.