Keyboard Shortcuts

There are basically four types of keyboard shortcuts, and these are: OS specific, Mozilla specific, MultiZilla specific and user defined keyboard shortcuts.

  • Looking for Mozilla specific keyboard shortcuts? In that case you can follow this link.

User defined keyboard shortcuts can be OS specific, or program specific and require you to install either some add-on or OS specific tool.


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List with keyboard shortcuts

Where the format Accel+C is used, in Windows and Unix/Linux use Ctrl+C and on MacOS use Cmd+C.

Shortcut Command
Accel+N Open a new window (default) or tab (with pref on Tabs → Tab Behavior pref panel enabled)
Shift+Accel+T Open a new tab with your preferred location
Alt+D up to 1.1.20
Accel+Shift+C from 1.1.21 onwards
Duplicate the current tab (note: this is Accel+D in versions of Multizilla before 1.1.20)
Shift+Home Return to the first page that was opened in this tab
Accel+K Close all tabs but keep the current one
Shift+Accel+Home Go to the first tab
Accel+Left Go to previous tab (disabled on Mac's)
Accel+Right Go to next tab (disabled on Mac's)
Shift+Accel+End Go to the last tab
Shift+Accel+Page Up Move Tab Bar to the top of the browser window
Shift+Accel+Page Down Move Tab Bar to the bottom of the browser window
Alt+Shift+Left Arrow Move selected tab to the left
Alt+Shift+Right Arrow Move selected tab to the right
F1 Show/Hide Personal Toolbar (in MultiZilla v1.5.0.1 and higher) This this was F10 up to MultiZilla version
F2 Show/Hide the integrated toolbox (Googlebox)
F4 Open Tab Manager
F8 Change label of current tab
F11 Toggle fullscreen mode on or off
Note: F11 can also be used to enable chrome for kiosk style windows
The pref setting for this can be found on MultiZilla's Full Screen pref panel
F12 Show/Hide Multizilla Toolbar
Accel+Q Close Mozilla (you can set a pref on the Confirmation pref panel to ask for confirmation)
Accel+W Close this tab (you can set a pref on the Confirmation pref panel to ask for confirmation)
Shift+Accel+W Close Window (you can set a pref on the Confirmation pref panel to ask for confirmation)
Shift+Accel+U Open User Agent Manager (only available in MultiZilla versions 1.6.2 and higher)


This page lists all available keyboard shortcuts that exist in the current MultiZilla versions. Any errors or ommisions should be emailed to the MultiZilla newsgroup where our webmaster will pick them up and take care of things.