Frequently Asked Questions

This is the MultiZilla FAQ page. We hope you'll find the answer to your question on this page, but feel free to get in touch with us in case you didn't find the answer to your question here.

Note: we might add a new entry for your question to this page when we think that other people might benefit from it. Thanks for your help!

Available FAQ Items:

What to do when the preferences aren't showing up in the preference manager?

A completely new preference manager was written for MultiZilla version 1.7, which is nice of course, but you might run into trouble when you keep your old profile after the update from a previous version. You basically have two options to solve this problem. The first one, the easiest one, is to ditch your profile and to use a new profile. However, you will lose all your settings so you might want to try the second option. Open the following file with your favorite text editor:

browser directory/chrome/overlayinfo/communicator/content/overlays.rdf

and replace the following URL:


with this one:


That should work, but feel free to join us on the newsgroup, just in case you can't get it working without further assistance.

See also: bug 8797

How can I modify CTRL-N to open a [window/tab] instead of a [tab/window]?

CTRL+N opens a new window in Mozilla (or should) but certain versions of MultiZilla changed this behavior and open a new tab, instead of a new window. This behavior can be changed on MultiZilla's Tabs pref panel. Simply untick the checkbox in front of 'Ctrl+N' and it will open a new window.

Note: people that like to open a new tab, instead of a new window, should tick the checkbox.

The underlying pref is: user_pref("multizilla.newtabfor.ctrl-n", [true/false]);

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How can I change MultiZilla startup behavior?

You can startup Mozilla with a blank page, home page or the last visited page. The pref settings for this can be found on Mozilla's Navigator pref panel. I guess we all know that by now but...

MultiZilla adds a new and very powerful feature called Tab Sessions. One of the options of this feature enables you to restore one or all previously open windows and tabs on startup.

Tab Sessions can be restored automatically, without your interaction, or it let you decide at startup. The latter will open a dialog window or MultiZilla's Tab Session Manager. All pref settings for this feature can be found on MultiZilla's Advanced pref panel.

Note: please keep in mind that you first need to setup and use 'Save Tab Sessions', before you can use MultiZilla's 'Restore Tab Session' successfully .

Related info: "How can I open the Preference Window in MultiZilla?"

Is MultiZilla a skin or theme?

No. MultiZilla is not a skin or a theme, but we do have a theme OSXilla available for download and installation for MultiZilla.

So what is MultiZilla you ask. Well, it is a browser add-on or a so called browser extention. MultiZilla adds literally dozens of new features, menu items and preferences for all sorts of things. You can read more about all new features in the Features Section of this website.

The MultiZilla project is one the oldest projects on but still very active. MultiZilla also has its own optionally installable GoogleBox widget that emulates the official Google Toolbar for Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Note: The GoogleBox widget was developed before the Googlebar project was even launched on simply because I wasn't aware of its planned introduction.

Notice: We are very much aware of that other shamelessly copied project but MultiZilla is still the first and only original XUL TabUI for Mozilla based browsers.

Can I use the old (yellow wrench) as the Quick Prefs Button image?

Yes you can, by adding the following lines to: /chrome/userChrome.css in your profile directory.

  • #qpmenu-tbbutton {
  • list-style-image: url("chrome://multiviews/content/images/toolbar/preferences.png") !important;
  • -moz-image-region: rect(0px, 16px, 16px, 0px) !important;
  • }

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How can I open the Preference Window in MultiZilla?

MultiZilla offers you three ways to open the Preference Window. The first two are MultiZilla specific and the last one is Mozilla's own implementation.

  • Middle-click on a QPrefs button (this button can be displayed on the Navigator, Personal and MultiZilla Toolbar).
  • Left click on the QPrefs button and select menu item 'Preference Window'.
  • Menu > Edit > Preferences and select menu item 'Preference Window'.

Note: Only the first two options select the MultiZilla pref panel at start. You will have to select other pref panels manually, like you have to when using the last option.

How can I re-enable MultiZilla after I disabled it with Extension Manager?

You can re-enable MultiZilla by entering the following chrome URI into your location bar:

  • chrome://multiviews/content/reEnableMultiZilla.xul

Tip: Select the link and drag it to a bookmark menu or to your Personal Toolbar.

Can a website open new tabs in MultiZilla?

No, not really. However, a web designer can use: target="_blank" or; to open a new window in Mozilla and MultiZilla can redirect this to a new tab. Check MultiZilla's Tabs and Popup pref panels. The settings in the Permission Manager will override this behavior!

The reason why this wasn't implemented in Mozilla can be read in Mozilla bug 105409.

The underlying prefs are:

For target attributes: user_pref("multizilla.newtabfor.windowopen", true);
For javascript:  links: user_pref("multizilla.window-open.javascript-in-tab", true);

Does MultiZilla support Mozilla Firefox?

No, not yet, but we're working on it. Keep an eye on bug 2228. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you can help us. We also need new images for MultiZilla's Toolbar and Pref panels.

Do the Mozilla tabs come from MultiZilla code?

Yes, both Mozilla and Netscape adapted MultiZilla, but not all of it. Mozilla Firefox goes even further by adding more features priorly introduced by MultiZilla. However, Mozilla's tabbrowser widget is a plain re-write, done by David Hyatt, a former Netscape Engineer, of some of HJ's work.

How do I get MultiZilla to work with Netscape?

Install MultiZilla version for Netscape v7.1 from the installation page or install the appropriate XPI for Netscape v7.0. We discontinued support of Netscape v6.x simply because we lost the XPI for it :(

I get a Java error message warning me that I'm running IE!

You may have UA spoofing enabled. From the MultiZilla Quick Prefs Menu, select Browser Spoofing->Restore Original User Agent. This should solve the problem.

How can I open a new tab?

There are several ways to open new tabs in MultiZilla. One of the options you have is keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T but you can also use one of the many menu options.

Another option you have is to enable Prefs->MultiZilla->Tab Bar->New Tab and Close Tab Buttons->Enable New Tab Button to open new tabs.

The underlying pref is: user_pref("multizilla.tabbar.newbutton", true);

Tip: you can enable Prefs->MultiZilla-> Links->Open new Tab for->Ctrl-N to open new tabs instead of new windows with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+N.

The underlying pref is: user_pref("multizilla.newtabfor.ctrl-n", true);

How can I open a new tab with a preferred location?

You can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T or the menu item New Tab->Preferred Page on the MultiZilla toolbar to open a new tab with a preferred location.

Tip: You can specify a preferred location on the MultiZilla Tabs Panel pref panel.

The underlying pref is: user_pref("multizilla.preferred.location", "http://www.somesite.loc");

How can I automatically hide a single tab?

Go to Prefs->MultiZilla->Tabbar Behavior->Tab Bar->Hide Tab Bar for single tab.

The underlying pref is: user_pref("browser.tabs.autoHide", true);

How do I hide the MultiZilla Toolbar?

Go to the menu View->Show/Hide->MultiZilla Toolbar.There is also a shortcut key which is F12 (or F11 in earlier MultiZilla versions).

How do I set a blank startup page in MultiZilla?

Use the option Prefs->Navigator->Display on->Navigator Startup->blank page

How do I activate the Tab Menu?

Just right-click on a tab, or click on the Tab Menu button on the MultiZilla toolbar to activate this menu.

Can I disable the LEDs on the tabs?

Yes you can, go to Prefs->MultiZilla->Tab Styling->Tab Icons->Show load indicators on tabs and clear the checkbox.

Can I use middle-click on my mouse to activate a link in a new tab?

Ensure that Prefs->MultiZilla->Links->New Tabs-> Middle click is selected.

The underlying pref is: user_pref("multizilla.mouse-middle-click.newtab", true);

Can I force bookmarks to be activated in a new tab?

Ensure that the required items in Prefs->MultiZilla->Tab Behavior->New Tabs should be opened for/from->Bookmark are selected

The underlying pref is: user_pref("multizilla.newtabfor.bookmarks", true);

Can I force bookmarks from the Personal Toolbar to beactivated in a new tab?

Ensure that Prefs->MultiZilla->Tab Behavior->New Tabs should be opened for/from->General->Personal Toolbar is selected

The underlying pref is: user_pref("multizilla.newtabfor.personal-toolbar", true);

Can I limit the information on the tabs?

Go to Prefs->MultiZilla->Tab Styling->Tab Label->Maximum Tab width and set it to your desired length.

The underlying pref is: user_pref("multizilla.tabs.tabwidth", xxx);

Can I use the page title as tab name?

Yes you can, select Prefs->MultiZilla->Tab Styling->Tab Label->User page title as Tab Label

The underlying pref is: user_pref("multizilla.tabs.title", true);

How do I activate tab cycling?

Just click on the current page and use one of these shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+Tab - to activate the next tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab - to activate the previous tab
  • Ctrl+Right Arrow - to activate the next tab
  • Ctrl+Left Arrow - to activate the previous tab
  • Ctrl+Page Up - to activate the previous tab
  • Ctrl+Page Down - to activate the next tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+Home - to activate the first tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+End - to activate the last tab

You can also use Go from the main or tab menu.

Can I make tabs appear at the top/bottom of the browser window?

Just click on the current page and use one of these shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+Shift+pageUp - activates tabs on the top of the browser window.
  • Ctrl+Shift+pageDown - activates tabs on the bottom of the browser window.

You can also use the Switch button on the MultiZilla Toolbar.

How do I display the MultiZilla version information?

Use: Menu->Help->About MultiZilla

How do I display the HTTP User Agent?

Use: Menu->Help->About [Mozilla/SeaMonkey/Firefox]

Example: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060404 MultiZilla/ SeaMonkey/1.0.1

How do I install MultiZilla on Linux?

You must install MultiZilla as root. If you need help, then follow these steps:

  • Open an xterm
  • su root
  • Run mozilla from xterm
  • Go to MultiZilla installation page
  • Click install
  • Exit Mozilla after a successfull completion
  • Exit xterm
  • Load Mozilla normally
How do I become a project team member?

We sure could use your help. Feel free to contact HJ for additional information. HJ is the project owner and main developer.

Note: Rajnish Bhaskar (Raj for insiders/our webmaster) is also looking for help. Feel free to contact Raj if you're willing to help him with the website.

How do I file a bug report for MultiZilla?

Please visit our bug page. You will find instructions there for reporting bugs, including a link to the bug helper page.

How can I donate to MultiZilla?

You can donate to MultiZilla via PayPal on this page. All donations are most appreciated, but if you can't donate money, how about donating some time to the project, whether in helping update the website, or tracking down and filing bugs.

How do I remove MultiZilla?

MultiZilla doesn't provide an automatic un-installation script, but the following steps will solve this problem:

The following steps cover how to remove MultiZilla if you installed it for multi-user access (into the Mozilla/SeaMonkey program directory). If you installed it for single-user access (into your profile), then follow the same steps but use <profile>chrome/ where it says chrome/

  • Close Mozilla (including QuickLaunch on Windows)
  • Backup your <profile>/chrome, <program>/chrome/ and <program>/components/ directories (in case something goes wrong)
  • From the chrome/ directory, remove multiviews.jar
  • From the chrome/ directory, remove chrome.rdf
  • From the chrome/ directory, remove overlays.rdf
  • From the <program>/components/ directory, remove mzContentBlocker.js and mzUpdateNotifier.js
  • From the <program>/chrome/ directory, remove the following lines from installed-chrome.txt:


    Note: this file is always found in <program>/chrome (never in <profile>/chrome)

Now restart Mozilla/SeaMonkey to recreate chrome.rdf, overlays.rdf and the XUL cache, but please note that you might have to start your browser twice to recreate a new XUL cache without MultiZilla in it, or your browser windows might look broken.

Please install a stable release in case you are having difficulty with a MultiZilla nightly and tell us about the problem/bug which enables us to help you or fix the bug for you!

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How do I locate my profile directory?

The profile locations for the most common Operating Systems are listed below:

  • Windows XP and 2000: %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\[Profile Name]\[random string].slt\
  • Windows 95/98: C:\Windows\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\[Profile Name]\[random string].slt\
  • OS/2: \MozillaHome\Mozilla\profiles\SIG\[random string].slt
  • Mac OS 9: Documents:Mozilla:[User Profile]:[random string].slt:
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/[Profile Name]/[random string].slt/
  • Linux: ~/.mozilla/[Profile Name]/[random string].slt/
  • Note that the profile may have been installed in a different place than these defaults. If you cannot find it (after ensuring that you are viewing hidden files) then contact your system administrator.
My question isn't listed. Now what?

In that case you might want to get in touch with us, or other MultiZilla users on the newsgroup or mailing list.

Note: we kindly ask you to add a clear, step by step description of the problem you are experiencing, and to include your include the original (not a modified) HTTP User Agent.