MultiZilla Managers

The MultiZilla managers have a similar look and feel. If you used one, you should be able to use the others without too much hassle. All managers have a help button which loads a help/FAQ page. The same page can be loaded from this page. The managers are quite powerful, but they have too many features to address on this page. Please use the links on this page for a full description of the managers.


The navigation bar on this site is a full CSS menu and some parts of it, specifically the sub-menus, are not functional in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, simply because it is not CSS compliant. However, the fact that we develop software for Mozilla based browser only, should not make it impossible for people who (still) use Internet Explorer to visit all of our pages. Another reason was that the sub-menus couldn't be used without a mouse i.e. there was no keyboard support.

Tab Manager
The Tab Manager gives you full control over tabs and windows, and let you open tabs, close tabs, set a reload interval for tabs and save a group of tabs as Tab Sessions. The Tab Manager also has a Properties and Settings panel (the latter like all other MultiZilla managers).
Session Manager
The Tab Session Manager gives you full control over groups of tabs in windows (called sessions). You can choose to save these sessions when you close the browser and have them restored when you restart, for a seamless browsing experience.
Permission Manager
The Permission Manager is MultiZilla's unique all in one manager to control: Cookies, Popups and XPInstallations permissions, but also acts as companion for MultiZilla's Content Blocker (the Content Blocker enables you to block: Images, Plugins, Scripts, Frames and Documents).
User Agent Manager
The User Agent Manager allows you to manage (spoof) your browser's User Agent to improve compatibility with some badly coded websites. For example, a website (eg some banks) may not allow you to access their site at all unless you are using an "approved" browser, usually Internet Explorer.
Preference Manager
MultiZilla's philosophy is to give the user as much control as possible over their browser, and one of the ways of doing that is to extend the preferences panels. Here you can find documentation on these extra capabilities.