Permission Manager

The Permission Manager is MultiZilla's unique all in one manager to control: Cookies, Popups and XPInstallations permissions, but also acts as companion for MultiZilla's Content Blocker (the Content Blocker enables you to block: Images, Plugins, Scripts, Frames and Documents).

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The screenshots on this page are reduced in size and have a limited quality; they are provided as examples only and may vary from release to release. Please note that other operating systems and browser themes might also affect the layout and colors.


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Note: do not block in the Permisson Manager's (script category) or you won't be able to install software!

Permission Manager
Main Window
The Permission Manager can be opened by clicking on the button on the MultiZilla Toolbar, with the keyboard shortcut Accel+Shift+P and from the Quick Prefs Menu when either the button to open the Permission Manager or the complete MultiZilla Toolbar is hidden. The main window of the Permission Manager looks similar to the one below (see disclaimer):
Image of MultiZilla's Permission Manager / Main Window

The icons down the left hand side indicate the different types of content that can be blocked by the Content Blocker. These will be described below.