Permission Manager

The Permission Manager is MultiZilla's unique all in one manager to control: Cookies, Popups and XPInstallations permissions, but also acts as companion for MultiZilla's Content Blocker (the Content Blocker enables you to block: Images, Plugins, Scripts, Frames and Documents).

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Note: do not block in the Permisson Manager's (script category) or you won't be able to install software!

Cookies Panel
Main Window

Cookie Manager Main Window

The cookie manager lets you view the websites that can store cookies on your computer and block those that you wish to. There are a number of buttons along the top of the manager that give you control of the manager. Apart from the Session button, these buttons are the same for all managers and will be described below.

When you open this manager, the text bar along the top will be pre-filled with the domain of the site that you were on when you opened the manager, but you can change it to any other domain.

In all managers of the Content Blocker, you can select multiple items by holding down the Ctrl key and left-clicking.

Block the selected site(s) from setting cookies
Allow all cookies from the selected site(s)
Allow cookies from th selected site(s) to be stored as session cookies only (ie they will be deleted when the browser is closed, and not persist across sessions).
Open Tab
This button is always disabled for the cookie manager and does not do anything.
Ask Me
This button is always disabled for the cookie manager and does not do anything.
If you type a domain name into the text box below the buttons this button becomes active. It adds a new entry to the cookie manager that you can then control with the Block, Accept and Session buttons.
Delete the highlighted item(s) from the cookie manager.
Show the Settings window for the cookie manager.
Settings Window

Cookie Manager Settings Window

From here you can control various settings for cookies. These bring together settings found in different SeaMonkey preference panels.

Cookie Acceptance Policy
This group of options lets you decide on what basis, if at all, to accept cookies.
Accept Cookies
Accepts all cookies without exception
Accept Cookies from the originating server only
Do not allow third party cookies
Accept cookies based on privacy settings
Search the SeaMonkey help file for Privacy Settings for help on this.
Cookie Acceptance Policy for Mail & Newsgroups
Allows you to choose whether or not cookies requested on pages loaded by an email or newsgroup message are accepted.
Cookie Confirmation
If this box is ticked, then you will be asked before all cookies are accepted.
Cookie Lifetime
If you tick the Limit maximum lifetime of Cookies box, then two further options become available and allow you to automatically delete cookies before their own expiry time
Remove all Cookies before browser exits
Deletes all stored cookies when the browser closes down
Remove all cookies after XX days
If this is selected, then cookies will be deleted after XX days, whatever their own expiry time.
View Stored Cookies

Cookie Manager View Cookies Window

You can view the cookies that you currently have stored at any point by pressing the View Stored Cookies button. Here, you can see the content of any cookie set by any website that you have visited. You can also select any cookie(s) (hold down ctrl to select multiple cookies) and delete them by pressing the Delete button. You will be also given the option to have the site that set this cookie prevented from doing so again.