Permission Manager

The Permission Manager is MultiZilla's unique all in one manager to control: Cookies, Popups and XPInstallations permissions, but also acts as companion for MultiZilla's Content Blocker (the Content Blocker enables you to block: Images, Plugins, Scripts, Frames and Documents).

The following page jumps page jump icon are available:


The screenshots on this page are reduced in size and have a limited quality; they are provided as examples only and may vary from release to release. Please note that other operating systems and browser themes might also affect the layout and colors.


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Note: do not block in the Permisson Manager's (script category) or you won't be able to install software!

Popups Panel
Main Window

Popup Manager Main Window

The popup manager can be used to block popups. You can block popups from a specific domain by typing it into the text box below the buttons and pressing the Add button.

Block the selected site(s) from showing popup windows
Allow popup windows from the selected site(s)
Open Tab
Force popup windows from the selected site(s) to open in a new tab rather than a new window.
Ask Me
Ask me what to do when a site tries to open a new window. This gives you the option to block the popup, to open it in a new tab or to allow the new window to open. You can remember your preference for this site by ticking the checkbox in the dialog.
If you type a domain name into the text box below the buttons this button becomes active. It adds a new entry to the popup manager that you can then control with the Block, Accept, Open Tab and Ask Me buttons.
Delete the highlighted item(s) from the popup manager.
Show the Settings window for the popup manager.
Settings Window

Popup Manager Settings Window

Popup Acceptance Policy
Use the left-hand drop-down box to decide whether popup windows should be accepted or blocked by default.
The right-hand drop-down box need docs here
A page may try to open multiple popup windows. You can control the maximum numbe of windows allowed with the box labelled Limit maximum number of Popup Windows to:
New Window Redirector
MultiZilla can redirect new windows opened through Javascript as well. This group control how this is done.
Enable New Window Redirector for
If this is ticked then the rest of the options in this group become available and new windows opened through Javascript can be redirected to tabs.
Select default behaviour
You can choose the default behaviour when a webpage tries to open a new window from here:
Open New Window
Allows the webpage to open the new window
Block All New Window Requests
Stops the webpage from opening any new windows
Open in new Tab
Forces all new windows to be opened in a new tab
Ask me what I want
Opens a dialog box asking what to do with this request to open a new window. You can choose any of the options above and a checkbox lets you store this decision for the current site
Redirect to new tabs
If this box is checked, then all links with will be redirected to new tabs rather than opening in new windows.
Override new window features specified by websites
When a website opens a new window, it can prevent parts of the chrome (such as toolbars, the status bar etc) from being shown. If you check this box you can then use the drop-down box next to it to override this and decide what features should always be shown.
Synchrnoize 'dom.disable_window_open_feature' preferences
Audio/Visual Notifications
Different ways to notify the user when a popup window is blocked.
Play a sound when a Popup Window has been blocked
Whenever a popup is blocked, play a sound. If this is checked, then you can select the sound to be played by pressing the Select a sound... button.
Display popup icon on the status bar when a new window is blocked
If this is checked then an icon will be displayed on the status bar every time a new window is blocked.
Display Info Message when new windows are blocked
If this is checked then a Firefox-style information bar will be displayed at the top of the browser canvas when a popup window is blocked.
Enable Middle-Mouse Close
If you choose to enable info messages, then checking this box allows you to close these messages by middle-clicking on them.
Display popup icon on the tab when a new window is blocked
If this is checked then a popup icon will be shown on the tab itself. If this is checked then you can set a time limit for how long the icon is shown. This can be from 0 to 10 seconds, but should be entered in milliseconds (ie number of seconds multiplied by 1000).