Preference Manager

MultiZilla is about giving you the freedom of configuring it the way you want, thus we had to add a large number of new preference panels, but switched to our own Preference Manager with MultiZilla v1.5.0.2, which was completely redesigned for MultiZilla v1.8.3.2c.

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Feeds Panel
The Web Feeds preferences (or settings) panel gives you control over MultiZilla's Feed Reader. The Feed Reader is a sidebar panel. More information about the Feed Reader itself can be found in the corresponding documentation which is about the preferences (or settings) which lets you customise MultiZilla's Feed Reader.
Image of: Feeds Panel
Info popups
Show info popups
If this is checked then hovering over a feed item in the lower pane will show a popup containing information about that popup. The size of this popup can be specified using the spin control next to it, up to a maximum of 500 characters.
Show URL in Info Popups
If this is checked then the URL of the feed item will be shown in the info popup.
Automatic refresh
Refresh after X minute(s)
MultiZilla will automatically refresh each subscribed feed after X minutes to see if there have been any new items added to it.
Refresh Feeds
Clicking this button manually refreshes the feeds immediately.
Last refresh
This shows you the last time that the feeds were refreshed.
Last active feed
This shows you which the last feed that you viewed was.
Open sidebar panel when subscribing to feeds
If this is checked then when you subscribe to a new feed, the Web Feeds sidebar will automatically open so that you can see the items in the feed immediately.
Show debug messages in JS console
If this is checked then error messages from feeds will be printed to the Error Console (Javascript Console) for debugging purposes.