Preference Manager

MultiZilla is about giving you the freedom of configuring it the way you want, thus we had to add a large number of new preference panels, but switched to our own Preference Manager with MultiZilla v1.5.0.2, which was completely redesigned for MultiZilla v1.8.3.2c.

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The screenshots on this page are reduced in size and have a limited quality; they are provided as examples only and may vary from release to release. Please note that other operating systems and browser themes might also affect the layout and colors.


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Miscellaneous Panel
The Miscellaneous preferences (or settings) panel normally only includes the first two tabs (Miscellaneous and Updates) i.e. the third tab; labeled GoogleBox, in our screenshot below, will only be available after you install (and enable) the MultiZilla specific GoogleBox add-on.
Miscellaneous (recently changed in a nightly)
Image of: Miscellaneous Panel - Miscellaneous - Tab
International Domain Names
Enable International Domain Name support in SeaMonkey
If this is checked then international characters will be allowed in domain names.
Display URLs with International Domain Name in Punycode
Displays URLs that have non- ASCII characters in them in punycode.
Display warning for new and suspicious looking domain names
Note: for this to work, you must have the master password enabled (although you can leave this blank). Since some IDN characters can look almost exactly the same as ASCII ones, they can be used for phishing attacks. Checking this box allows MultiZilla to create a hash for each secure site (https) that you visit, so if a site is uses a malicious URL to take you to a phishing site, you can be notified at a glance.
Image of: Miscellaneous Panel
Automatic Update Notifications
Should MultiZilla automatically check for updates to itself? You can check daily, weekly or monthly. You can also perform a manual check from here.
The GoogleBox preferences tab is optional and will only be available if the is GoogleBox is installed and enabled. You can either open the Preference Manager and select this panel/tab manually, or use menu item Settings from the main menu on the GoogleBox Toolbar, which will select this panel/tab for you.
Image of: Miscellaneous Panel
Enable Integrated GoogleBox
If this is checked then GoogleBox will appear in the MultiZilla toolbar.
Hide MultiZilla Toolbar buttons when the GoogleBox is activated
If this is checked then when GoogleBox is activated the MultiZilla toolbar buttons will be hidden.
Search Engine Settings
Default search engine
Use whatever local Google site you want here, eg, etc.
Search engine flags
Do a normal search on Google and note the attributes in the URI. This is used to select the in- output encoding.
Search entrybox width
The width (in pixels) of the box where you can enter your search query.
Keep last used search engine
The GoogleBox can use different Google search categories like images, groups or news and this pref makes it possible to keep the last search category i.e. do searches in a specific category from the entry field.
Start search queries automatically from menu list
If this is checked and you select a query from the drop-down box of previous queries then that query will be automatically searched.
Select Number of search items
The number of items that will be displayed/kept in the menulist.
Open new tab for query results (use Ctrl key when disabled)
If this is selected then when you enter a query and press enter, a ne tab is automatically opened for the search results. If this is unchecked then if you hold the Ctrl key when pressing enter, the new tab will be opened.
Prevent duplicated search results in different tabs
If this is checked then if you search on the same query more than once it will open the existing tab for that query rather than opening a new tab.