Web Feeds


Web feeds (RSS and Atom) are becoming more and more popular. MultiZilla offers you two different ways of viewing them: The Feed Viewer and the Feed Reader.


The screenshots on this page are reduced in size and have a limited quality; they are provided as examples only and may vary from release to release. Please note that other operating systems and browser themes might also affect the layout and colors.

Viewing web feeds
When you visit a website that has a web feed that MultiZilla can find, an icon is displayed in the status bar at the bottom right hand side of the window as shown below:

Icon indicating that a web feed has been found

If you click on this icon, the feed will be displayed in MultiZilla's Feed Viewer, as shown below:

MultiZilla's Feed Viewer

This lets you read all the entries in the feed and there are icons to quickly jump to the previous and next entry. At the top right of the Feed Viewer there is a button marked "Subscribe to feed". Clicking on this lets you subscribe to the feed and read it using the Feed Reader described below.

Feed Reader
Reading subscribed web feeds
When you click on the Subscribe to feed link in the Feed Viewer, you are presented with the following window, which validates that the feed can be processed by Multizilla:

Subscribe to feed

Clicking Check shows you an information page about the feed and lets you choose whether or not to add it to your subscriptions list as shown below:

Feed information

When you click Add Feed the feed will be added to your subscriptions and the Web Feeds sidebar will open to let you read the feeds, as shown below:

Multizilla Feed Reader (web feeds sidebar)

This is split into two panes. The top pane contains all the feeds that you are currently subscribed to, and the bottom pane lists all the entries in the currently selected feed. When you open the Feed Reader, it automatically checks each feed for updates and those feeds with updates are marked accordingly. You can then click on an entry in that feed to view it in the browser (or middle-click to open it in a new tab).