Copyright © 2000-2020 HJ van Rantwijk and contributors.

Once Upon a Time in the West, Laguna Beach California in the year 2000. Sitting in the sand was über human Open Source hacker HJ van Rantwijk. A man with an imaginary vision and passion. Shortly later introducing the Mozilla users to, but not limited:

top and bottom tabs, tab re-ordening, tab groups (later adopted as groupmarks by Netscape), tab sessions, favicons on tabs, close button on tabs, advanced popup blocking with statusbar icon and ways to open blocked popups, context menu protection, preference editor, extension management, automatic update checks, browser spoofing, referrer spoofing, bookmark group of tabs, full screen, permission management, automatic tab reloads, reload protection, duplicate tab, reopen closed tabs, JavaScript Console filtering, Feed Reader with sidebar enhancements, Feed Viewer, browser info notifications, XPInstall controls, ways to hide the Back/Forward/Reload/Stop and the Go/Search/Print buttons...

The saga continues with more unpubliced source code through his son Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, who took over temporarily as project lead in 2007.