About using our e-mail addresses


We don't like to receive spam, do you? SPAM is hard to fight, at least that's what most of you think, but in fact it's not. Just don't give your e-mail address to anyone, never. Hmm, but that won't work for me, as a project owner, and it won't work for Raj, our webmaster. Still, we both agree that SPAM is someting we won't miss.

Now, we use a simple JavaScript 'trick' to fool SPAM bots but it failed, or you disabled JavaScript in your browser (and that's our guess). Here's what you should do:

I don't have JavaScript

Hmm, interesting. Well, I hope you disabled Java and didn't install the ActiveX add-on, because that's more important. Anyway, here are our e-mail addresses:

Use this image to obtain our e-mail addresses.

Make sure to read the next section, before you send us anything.

Note: SPAMassassin is more than happy to trash your bogus e-mail :-)