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About the MultiZilla Website

HJ van Rantwijk (the soul creator and main developer) began the MultiZilla project in late 2000. His first goal was to implement tabs for Netscape in 2001. The project was a huge success and tabs became a key feature in all later browsers.

  • Under constant development, the MultiZilla project continues to provide its users the most advanced tabbed browsing experience available (for free) further enhanced with a variety of integrated tools.

Thank you for visiting the MultiZilla web site. Have fun.

Privacy Statement

The MultiZilla project (owned by HJ van Rantwijk) fully respects your privacy. Neither MultiZilla nor the MultiZilla website contains code to identify you or your computer, nor the used internet connection.

The ads on our website are provided by Google. They are very important to us because they ultimately help us to help you, but you can easily opt-out of interest-based advertising by following this link (very simple).

The MultiZilla Privacy Policy will take effect on September 27, 2006 and was last updated on April 3, 2009. Changes to our privacy policy will be announced on our news page.

Accessibility Statement

The project owner of the MultiZilla project (HJ van Rantwijk) is committed to developing and maintaining a web site that is easily accessible to all users and that is compliant with Section 508 Standards as defined by the U.S. Rehabilitation Act.

If you encounter any difficulties while accessing information on the multizilla.mozdev.org web site, or if you need further assistance, please contact our web master: Rajnish Bhaskar or the project owner HJ van Rantwijk.

Be sure to indicate the following:

  • The nature of the problem
  • The web address (URL) of the page with which you are having difficulties
  • Your contact information

Compatibility Statement

Supported Browsers
This website is designed for W3C standards compliant browsers like: SeaMonkey, Mozilla Firefox and Flock, but also works in Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (the latter without the rounded corners and shading because of CSS limitations).

A number of our pages (including this one) rely on JavaScript and won't work, properly, without JavaScript — resulting in this warning when you have JavaScript disabled or otherwise blocked.

Page Validation
All our web pages use (strict) valid HTML 4.01 and valid CSS but some of our pages however might not validate properly during the transition to the new layout.

Link Differentiation

Websites in use all kind of links, mostly to link to other pages but also to open or download documents and images. The problem with links in general is that they give little to no feed back. And the feed back they give may be misrepresenting the actual target - here's a safe example: www.apple.com

The images on our website however only serve one purpose, and that is to help you understand the different type of link targets. An overview of the images used on our website can be found below (click on the arrow):

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